Sunday, January 11, 2009

What am I modeling?

Back in the day when I was teaching special needs students I realized what a powerful tool modeling can be. I havent really given this much thought lately until the past couple of days. Aidan is modeling everything he sees Clinton and I do. Yesterday he decided to get out Annabelles dog food and feed her. He got the patty out of the package and attempted to tear it into little pieces like I do ( but because she eats freeze dried raw meat I had to immediately take it away from him). This morning Clinton got a soda out of the cabinet and opened it. Aidan followed right behind him and got one out too. He attempted to open it ( the correct way mind you) but his fingers are just to little. All this monkey see monkey do business has really got me thinking about exactly what am I modeling for Aidan? I want him to grow up an intelligent and compassionate young man. Before Aidan was born I was really into making a difference for others and making a difference in the world ( mainly through teaching and work). Since he has been born I have been the all consumed mommy. It has been so much fun being a stay at home mama and just having him to worry about. It is time to think about what I am actually teaching him. I want him to grow up thinking about others and how he and his actions impacts the world.
I think it is about time that I start modeling that for him! I'm not sure what that is "going to look like" but I see volunteer work in my future. I have always felt drawn towards orphans and individuals with special needs, so it may be something along those lines. I am going to start being very conscious of everything I do and how I treat others on a daily basis. That means giving a hand to people I see in need, supporting others when I can, and yes maybe even giving money to those individuals begging for money ( although I have mixed feelings about this because why exactly are those individuals begging for money and not looking for a job?- ok maybe I get to stop being judgemental as well).

It is really hitting home what an awesome responsibility it is to be a parent. I intend on doing the very best I can!

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