Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blast from the Past

Since my camera is dead and I havent gotten any pictures this week, I thought I would post some pictures of Aidan this time last year. It is so amazing how he has grown and changed! He is not a little baby anymore but a toddler.

Mimi will be here tomorrow! Did I mention on our last visit to my moms Aidan decided her name is Mimi and NOT Nana! Go figure. Aidan just started calling her Mimi one day and the name stuck. We are so excited to see her. I am sure she will have her camera so I can resume my picture taking. We are taking Aidan to Disney on Thursday for my birthday so stay tuned for pics....

Last January Aidan had just learned to sit up on his own!

Oh the exersaucer! I think this is by FAR the best invention for moms!! It provided HOURS of entertainment!! A MUST for every mama!


Anonymous said...

Much better!!! Great new look, too. Fabulous!!

Two weeks and counting!!!

suzanne said...

Love the new blog - and Happy Birthday Kelley!!! I'm getting ready to go bake Jacob's birthday cake this morning, and I finally got my camera cord back so I can upload all the Christmas pics. You & I are both having camera issues...and you did the EXACT same thing I was going to do..post pics from last year! :) Have a great day and see you at Jacob's party Saturday!