Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pictures from Oz Part 1

Here are some pictures from Australia. They are in no particular order. The Nobbies.

A penguin we saw preening itself as we were walking on the boardwalk at the nobbies.
Christmas day at the beach on Philip Island

Aidans sweet little footprints

These are the birds that came to feed out of Helen and Malcolms birdfeeder at their house in Cowes. I could watch these birds all day they were so beautiful! I wish we had these birds in California!

Happy boy Christmas day at Cowes

Enjoying a book with Auntie Dee and Molly Christmas day

Aidans cousins Rebecca ( wearing her Christmas hat - I was so excited to wear a christmas hat for the first time!) and Molly. See my muscles!

Aidan and all his cousins minus Melissa.

Aidan and Melissa

Playing with Abbey on Christmas day

Happy Boy on Christmas morning!

Waiting to see Santa

We rode the train Puffing Billy ( which had amazing views). The sound and the movement of the train knocked out this sweet baby.

Playing with a friend at the beach

Hanging out with dad while mama shopped at Sorrento Beach

Standing in front of Puffing Billy

Having our picture made with Santa. Aidan was not about to do it solo. He was not a fan of Santa this year.

Aidan with Clinton's best friend Chris. Sorry Chris this is not actually what Aidan thinks of you- he was just teething. Tee hee

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