Saturday, January 31, 2009


For my birthday mom, aidan, and I went to Disneyland. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and it was yummy! We actually did not even make into the park until 4:00 by the time we finished lunch and shopped at Downtown Disney. Shopping is my FAVORITE thing and it was MY birthday so it was ok. We ended up spending from 4 until 8 in the park and that ended up being the perfect amount of time. I was so excited to get Aidan his first pair of mouse ears! The only problem is that as soon as I put them on him he pulled on the rubber band strap and snapped himself in the cheek. Poor baby. He has wanted NOTHING to do with the mouse ears since then. We have made several attempts to get a good picture of him with them on since then with no luck. Mom bought him a Mickey baseball hat and we have managed to get him to wear it. Aidan was a trooper and only slept one hour the entire day and that was in the car driving from San Diego to Anaheim. By the end of the night I just went ahead and put his new Mickey pajamas on him so he could just crash in the car on the way home and I put him in the bed when we got home.

Unfortunately Clinton had to work so he was not able to participate in the fun. However, something tells me we wil be taking many more trips to Disney in the future! As for me it was the perfect day!

Lunch at the Rainforest Cafe

Aidan was so cute meeting Mickey. The first thing he did was reach over and pull on his nose.

Us in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

The hat that we DID manage to get Aidan to wear.

Having a blast on the carousel

and the Dumbo ride....

standing in line to ride the train

AH! Disney at night. Absolutely magical!

The castle at night.

Aidan in his new Mickey P.J's watching the birds and dancing in the Tiki Lounge.

My only regret of the whole day was taking Aidan to ride the Pirates of the Caribean ride. What the heck was I thinking? That ride is dag gone scary for an 18 month old! It is amazing how you suddenly start "seeing" things differently when you become a parent!

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Anonymous said...

YOu look so funny in the Dumbo ride! I actually laughed outloud! -Cara