Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby #2?

Lately Clinton has been talking a lot about adopting again. I surprisingly have mixed emotions about this. We always talked about having 4 children ( mind you this was before our first). I LOVE kids and LOVE being a mama, but wonder what it would really be like having 2 children. I have a tough time imagining what it would be like as I am an only child. I know this may sound terrible, but I cant imagine loving another child as much as Aidan. I am afraid the second baby would be like second best ( ok- now I sound really bad). I also think about things like the fact that Clinton travels a lot and a lot of the time it is like I'm a single mom. I also like to travel and sometimes I do it solo when I am flying to the east coast. This means they would outnumber me! Now I know some of you may be laughing your butts of right now - especially those people with multiple kids. I read other peoples blogs who have 2, 3, 4, 5+ kids and I am just amazed! I really admire and respect these people.

As I think about all the negative aspects I also think about the positives... Kids are just amazing creatures and especially babies. I KNOW I have it in my heart to love another child as much as Aidan and that my love would only double. I also personally think that Aidan would make a great big brother. I watch him play with other kids at places like the park and wish that he had more opportunities to play with others. Now I am not totally naive and I know there are LOTS of siblings out there that don't get along even as adults! Hopefully, this would not be the case. The thought of another child warms my heart.

Just the fact that I am thinking about this so much probably means that we will eventually end up adopting again ( especially since I just saved our homestudy agency under "my favorites" yesterday). I am not sure of the time frame. I would like to start the process after Aidans second birthday ( there is just something about a 2 year old that I think they need their mama more than ever at that age) and so hopefully we would bring home another bundle of joy closer to his third birthday. The only thing I can do is leave it in Gods hands and see what happens!


Rhonda said...

I am laughing.....but I know how you feel. You will love that second one as much as Aidan, believe me, I did it. I have two boys and they are the best of friends and the worst of enemies. They are always there for each other. My oldest just got married and had his brother as his best man. Out of all his friends he picked his brother.
Do it. You will not regret it. I am smiling typing this just thinking of the joy you will have with two.

Renee Tilley said...

Ok...I really know where you are coming from. Just like you I'm an only child. We don't understand that love a parent can have for more than one child.
You will love a second child just as much as you do Aidan. As you know I have 2 girls. When Ashley was born I did not think I could love something as much. Then 22 months later I found out I was going to have another baby. I did not think I could do or love another child. But I did it. After Brittany was born I found out that I loved her just as much as I did Ashley.

After Brittany, Curtis had an affair and had a son with a this woman. Curtis and I went and saw him when he was 3 days old and he looked just like Brittany did when she was that age. After Dustin was 1 month old we got him all the time. I loved him just as much as I did the girls and he was not even mine. But I would have done anything for him just like my own child.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that we all have more love to give than we know. No matter what you all choose to do Aidan and 2,3,or 4 children will be so very lucky to have you guys as parents.

Good Luck in what ever you choose to do.

Anonymous said...

Kels, you know mom loves me and Joey equally and we are as different as night and day. You can love another just the same. I am an "only child" mother, but I wouldn't have minded another one. At times, I think it would be easier. Cassie, too, would like to have had a siblings to deflect mom and dad's ire at the end of the day.

You will make a terrific mom no matter what the choice.

Later Cuz!!