Saturday, July 4, 2009


Oops! Somehow I published my last post before I finished it. Happy Fourth of July everyone! I still have family visiting and we are having a great time. Yesterday we went to Jonesborough Days. It is a festival in one of my favorite towns. It looks like time stood still there with the quaint little shops and historic buildings. It reminds me of Maybury from Andy Griffith. They had a great play area for kids there and thats where Aidan and I spent most of our time. He had a great time playing in the bubbles, sand, and little playhouse they had there. We also got to ride the "train". Oh my that was a sight. Lets just say that I dont think adults were supposed to ride it but I was not about to let Aidan ride it by himself. I felt like I was squeezed in the seat like a sardine. There was literally no room for Aidan to hardly sit down. He was so cute waving and waving the whole time we were riding and waving to the passengers anytime the train passed by us as we were strolling around the festival.

Today has been actually pretty lowkey. We went out to lunch after Aidan got up from his nap and then took him to the park that is by the lake.

Hope everyone had a great fourth.

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