Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Potty Time!

Aidan has decided that he is ready to be potty trained. We have been reading potty books for awhile and he has talked about "pee peeing in the potty" for a month now. I really didnt want to potty train him until he turned two and until we got back to San Diego, but Aidan had other thoughts. When we got back from our visit to Huntington my mom had bought Aidan a potty and he was soooo excited!

I have been just letting him do his own thing becuase I didnt want to force the issue. I still had him in a diaper and he used his potty whenever he felt like it. Finally I decided the other day to just bite the bullet and put him in big boy underwear. This lasted until about nap time! Aidan did great using his potty- He went 11 times SUCCESSFULLY in his potty. However, by lunch time we also had 3 accidents. He went all over the floor and my moms couch! YUCK! It seems he knows to go in his potty but doesnt care to be wet either. I now have him in a pull up ( much to my mothers urging) which I think is pretty useless because no matter how much I stress that it is just like big boy underwear he doesnt care and it is just like a diaper to him. I guess we will just take baby steps. I know for 100% sure that he will NOT go to college in a pullup! LOL

getting the potty and inspecting it.
hmm... what does this seat do?

testing it out. It feels pretty comfy!

taking a break from riding his tricycle and inspecting it some more.

sitting on the potty reading Dora.

Taking another break from riding his trike. Safety First! LOL!!!!!! and Success!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the last 2 pics!!! Poor baby. -Cara