Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I guess it is a virus?

It is day 4 of Aidan being under the weather. I took him to the doctor yesterday. The doctor ruled out urinary tract infection, ear infection, and strep throat ( he tested for this becuase he found blisters on his soft palate).The doc said it was a virus. I get the feeling that doctors say this when they dont know what the heck is wrong which is sooo frustrating. When Aidan runs a fever he really runs a fever. It only got up to 104 this time compared to 106 when he got sick in February. It just does not seem normal for a child to run a fever so high ( although the doc assured me it was) and for an almost 2 year old to complain about their back hurting. Although Aidans fever did not get very high last night , it was still a rough one. Today he has hardly had a fever at all but has been very cranky ( maybe because he slept so poorly). I am thinking he is on the mend now but we will see how he does tonight.

I was very proud of Aidan at the doctors yesterday. He had to go pee pee on the potty so they could get a urine sample. He did a great job and was showered in stickers from the nurse. He also did a great job tolerating the throat swab.

I am praying that Aidan gets better before this weekend. Mom and I are taking him to Pigeon Forge for his actual birthday ( Aidan not only gets a birthDAY but a birthmonth - or make that 2 months- his dad and I will be taking him to Disney next month). We are going to be staying at the Christmas Inn at Pigeon Forge which is decorated for Christmas 24/7. Our plan is to go to the Dixie Stampede for a dinner show on Sunday and go to Dollywood on Monday ( his birthday). Im sure it will be a blast. Going away will mean that Annabelle will have to be boarded ( shock) for only the second time in her life. I found a really cool place called Camp Ruff n More. The dogs get to run around and play with the other dogs. I am taking her in tomorrow for our free day care session so I can see how she likes it. I am sure that she will HATE it because she is really not into other dogs because she thinks she is human LOL. Maybe some human will take pity on her and shower her with attention- that she would LOVE!

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