Friday, July 3, 2009

Aidans 2nd birthday part 1

I had family visiting so I thought I would have an early birthday party for Aidan. My aunt bec and uncle frank and aunt sue were here. I had a firefighter themed party at my favorite park- Warriors Path. We had a great time. Aidan was a little grumpy at first but after a much needed BM he felt much better. We will be celebrating Aidans actual birthday at Dollywood and then Clinton and I will take him to Disneyland when we get back in August.

Cute flag my mom put in her yard. You can change the number each year. Isn't it cute!
Aidans favorite thing to do at the park in throw pebbles in the stream. I think it is a two year old thing becuase there are usually other toddlers there as well!

Sitting with Gigi

opening gifts

Aidans favorite gift by far was the Sodor Scrub and Shine that goes with his Thomas set and James the train.

Close up of Aidans shirt

The balloons became one jumbled mess ( the wind was blowing pretty hard), but Aidan loooves balloons. Afterward we handed them out to kids around the park.


The cake...

Aidan looking at his cake

and eating the cake....

opening more gifts. Aidan is really getting into imaginative play, so I bought him a toy skillet with plastic food. This gift was also a hit!

Playing on the playground. Notice he is holding one of his trains- James the new fav.

Opening gifts at home.

and this is what Annabelle thought of Aidan getting all the attention!

Have a great fourth of July everyone!!!!!


Wendy said...

It looks like you all had a great time! I wish we could have come. Our company got here at the very same time. Zach would have had a great time. I'm glad Aidan had so much fun. I love his shirt!

Anonymous said...

No birthday party invitation for yaya?.... :-(

Kelley said...

ya ya is invited to go to Gatlinburg. Only special people get invited to go there - July 26 - 27.