Monday, July 13, 2009

More pics from Aidans birthday party

My uncle Frank emailed me some more pictures from Aidans birthday party and I finally got them loaded on my computer. His camera is way better than mine so I thought I would share them....

Aidan calls this thing a goat. It is actually one of the characters from Narnia. The park has a "Narnia Theme" and there are figures like this and houses, etc... all over the park. You enter the park through the "wardrobe" and there is a path that will take you to different stations. For example the first station is the beavers house. It has a stand there that tells about that part of the story and then you push a button and it will read it to you. It is really cool. The thing I love most about this park is that it was built so that people with various different disabilities can enjoy it too!

Aidans favorite past time - throwing rocks into the stream...
Another one of Aidans favorite things to do is to chase the ducks.

Possibly my favorite pic from the day.

cake face!

Aidan has really gotten into swinging lately. I love these swings.
My mom and her 2 sisters swinging and enjoying the shade.

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