Monday, August 2, 2010

Aidans 3rd birthday part 1

Well after a week I think we are finally finished with Aidans 3rd birthday celebrations. On Aidans birthday we started out with some gifts and then Krispie Kreme doughnuts for breakfast ( yummo). Lauren came over and mom and I took the kids to Billy Bobs Wonderland ( West Virginia's version of Chuck E. Cheese). Cara also came and met us for lunch. I bought a large pizza and got Lauren and Aidan a ton of tokens. I then just let the kids run around like wild little munchkins. Aidan had the best time playing the video games. I think he still doesnt care if he puts money in them or not but just enjoys jumping from machine to machine. He opened up a few more little gifts and then we had cake. He kept telling me that he wanted a "race car cake" for his birthday so I just went to the grocery store and had them make me a cake with white, blue, and orange frosting. I put a hot wheel car on top and that was his "race car cake". The kids played a few more games and then we played a quick game of putt putt and I took each one of them on a go cart ride. Fun times! The birthday boy wore himself out that day and was sound asleep by 7:15.

opening a few gifts in the A.M.

standing with his Happy Birthday flag. His shirt says " Its this engineers third birthday".

Aidan attempting to hold up 3 fingers.

playing games at Billy Bobs...

Aidan and Lauren in the ball pit

opening up a few small gifts. He decided later that he wanted to make a "traffic jam" on his cake.

Cake before the traffic jam...

blowing out his candles...

see. traffic jam on the cake.

Aidan after enjoying his cake.

Lauren playing putt putt

This is pretty much how Aidan looked the entire time we were playing putt putt. He just kept running from one hole to another. He really didn't care about getting the ball in the hole.

Aidan just before I took him upstairs for a bath and bed. Does it look like he had a good day or what???

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