Monday, August 16, 2010

Boy talk

The weather is starting to cool off a little ( meaning it is not in the 90's) so I decided to take Aidan to the park this evening. It is always hit or miss when we go there because I find not many people take their kids to the park in WV. I guess it is because in WV people actually own land with their property ( unlike California) and most kids have swing sets in their backyards. We were in luck today because there were a couple of families there and one man had 5 boys with him! Yay! Aidan was in HEAVEN! I feel so bad because Aidan is SUCH a social butterfly and LOVES playing with other kids but as an only child he is stuck here with me all day. I attempt to put forth as much effort as possible to put him in situations where there will be other kids but its still not the same as having another little person he plays with on a regular basis.

There was a little boy there today named Aaron who turned 4 yesterday. Aidan immediately sought him out and climbed on one of the horse swings with him (its hard to explain the horse swings as they are ANCIENT- but it is basically a swing with a horse on each side, so 1 kid or 2 kids can ride- so much fun for the kids!) Being the social butterfly Aidan Kai is, he immediately started a conversation with Aaron. He was shy at first but it didnt take long for him to warm up to Aidan. I LOVED listening to their 3 / 4 year old conversation. It went something like this...

Aidan- "my name is Aidan"

Aaron- just stares at Aidan

Aidan- "I like your shoes, did you get them at Ordstroms?" ( Aaron had on Crocs. I bought Aidan a pair of Crocs this summer at Nordstroms and he LOVES them and begged to wear them to the park this evening but I made him put on his sneakers) .I'm pretty sure this is not a question most 3 year old boys would ask, but he IS his Mama's boy! lol

Aaron- just stares at Aidan

Aidan- I'm 3.

Aaron- " I'm 4, my birthday was yesterday"

Aidan- "Did people come to your house?" "What kind of cake did you have?"

Aaron- " I had a baseball cake"

Aidan- " Oh, I had a train cake"

They then proceeded to get off the horses and move on to the next set of horses. I'm not sure why I was so entertained by their little exchange of words but I found it to be super sweet. I guess it is because it is showing me that Aidan is growing up. He no longer just plays alongside other kids but does his best to interact with them as well. Sigh... My baby is DEFINITLEY no longer a baby.

So Aidan spent the evening at the park laughing, giggling, playing tag , stepping in mud, getting dizzy on the merry go round, climbing, swinging, sliding, and getting filthy dirty. Just as we were about to leave the ice cream truck showed up. Aidan sat happily with the 5 other boys and ate his ice cream. It was a perfect summer evening! I just wish I had my camera.
The picture above was taken last week the morning I told Aidan we were going to the pool. He immediately got his swim trunks and put them on over his pajamas. You cant see the pants because the are pushed up. lol! I think he is making a fashion statement.

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