Monday, August 23, 2010

Chevy, Fords, and Buicks oh my!

Aidan's fascination with cars and trucks continues. He names every single car he sees as we are driving down the street. He can identify Fords, Chevy's, Buick's, Kia's, Hyundai's, Dodges, Toyota's, Hummers, Saturn's and Jeeps. Last week I took him to the library and he got his first library card. He decided to check out some nonfiction books on cars and loves them! He chose one titled Muscle Cars and one titled Hot Rods and one titled Corvettes. I am learning a few things myself. Did you know there is a difference between Hot Rods and Muscle Cars? The era of muscle cars officially ended in 1971. Hot Rods are cars that are made from an old car and turned into something else. Who knew??? He also got some other alphabet books. He really loves anything that has to do with letters. He is such a little sponge right now and it is so fun to watch!

Aidan is in the questioning stage right now. You know the stage where they ask 1000 questions a day, enough to make you tired by the end of the day... I love it though and answer each one the best I can and never say " I don't know". I know it is his job right now to ask questions and this is how he is learning. I also know that it wont be long until he knows everything and mom knows nothing so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. I was happy the other day when Cara and I went to Hobby Lobby. Cara said that she would take him for awhile. I said " good ,you can answer questions for awhile" . lol. By the time she handed Aidan back ( about 30 minutes later) I think she was already exhausted. lol. She said that she was so flustered by the time we left that she forgot to go to Kohls ( another store she had intended to browse in) lol! A funny story- Cara had Aidan in the shopping cart. She told him " I need to go over there to find something" ( I think she wanted to find a wreath). Aidan responds "if you are in a store and lose something you go to lost and found, that is where you find things that are lost". I LOVE 3 year old logic! I have to say I am really enjoying him being 3 so far.

One of Aidan's favorite things to do when he is playing with his riding toys is to play "traffic jam". lol! so here are some pictures of Aidan's "traffic jam".

Aidan has finally worked up the courage to drive his jeep that Mimi bought him for Christmas. He didn't go far but at least he wasn't terrified of it.

After that evening of play we came inside and it was about 15 minutes until Aidan's bath time. I told him he could play downstairs while I did a few things upstairs. I came down at 7:30 to get him for his bath and this is how I found him. Passed out cold! There are more days than not that he DOESN'T have a nap so we have been having earlier bedtimes. SWEET!

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