Friday, August 6, 2010

Aidans 3rd birthday part 2

For Aidans official 3rd birthday party we had a Thomas themed party. We invited a few neighborhood kids over. I was really excited that Sheri and Lauren could be there. Weston is still at Childrens Hospital in Cincinatti so please continue to pray for him. Sheri came home for the weekend and Jeff ( her husband) stayed with Weston. It has been a LONG time since I have seen Sheri and was soooo happy to see her! Cara also came as well as Nana Deuce and Cousin Terri, of course my mom was there too! We felt blessed to have so many family and friends around.

I got creative for this party and I have to admit it felt REALLY good to be creative after a 3 year break!

Here is Aidans party in pictures.I had to break it down into 2 seperate posts because there were so many pics. The bulk of them are in the next post.

Aidan with his Thomas "3" shirt. I love it!

The birthday cake.... Weeee..... Aidan is 3! I also put a railroad track on the sidewalk.

To begin the party I read "Trains, Cranes, and Troublesome Trucks". It was the theme of the party and one of Aidans favorite books.

reading the story.

The kids then did a craft and made their own trains.

continued in the next post......

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