Saturday, August 7, 2010

The lessons learned from being Aidan's Mama

I would first like to apologize for the REALLY bad grammar and spelling in the last post. Aidan woke up from his nap and I didn't get a chance to proof read it. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. HA!

Lately I have been thinking about the lessons I have learned from being Aidan's mama. He teaches me so much every day. I decided to sit down and start documenting them. Here are the things I came up with off the top of my head....

-sometimes if you whisper it is more effective than raising your voice.

- Hot Wheels have many different uses. They can run on train tracks, can talk, and are especially fun to run through finger paint.

-Sometimes cheese and crackers are ok to eat for breakfast.

-If you ONLY want to eat cheese and crackers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for days on end that is ok also, as long as it means you are eating something.

-If you use a Clorox bleach pen, Tide stain remover, Oxy Clean, AND regular detergent it still isn’t powerful enough to remove Aidan size stains.

- little boys should never, never, never wear white ( see above).

- Sometimes kids ways of doing thing is MUCH more effective than adult ways of doing things.

- A water wheel can be moved by energy from water , wind power, and good old boy power.

-When you are shooting baskets they can be worth 2 point, 3 points, 4 points, or 8 points. -whatever you feel they are worth at the time.

- Mosquitoes and ice cream do not mix, especially when they get stuck in the ice cream on your face. Ouch!

- cushions thrown off of a coach make a GREAT obstacle course.

-sometimes it is better just to sit back and watch to see what a person can create rather than giving instructions on what to create.

Thank you Aidan for teaching me and reminding me about the innocence and brilliance of childhood. I love you !

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