Friday, August 6, 2010

Aidans 3rd birthday party part 2 (continued)

Well evidently blogger will only let me attach a certain number of photos per post so here is the bulk of the pics from his birthday party...

The kids made their trains......
When then made a train throughout the yard.

and into the backyard....
First stop. The Troublesome Trucks knocked over all of Thomas' coal. The kids had to pick up the coal ( black beanbags) and throw them into Thomas.

After helping Thomas the kids got train whistles.

We then took the train ( while blowing the whistles lol!) to the second stop.

The Troblesome Trucks knocked over James' milk so we helped to clean it up. The kids received a engineers hat after the clean up.

Next all of Gordons load of Grape Jam got knocked into the bay. We helped to fish it out. The kids got a red bandana.

Fishing for the Grape Jam.

The meltdown Aidan had in the middle of his party. I think he was a little overwhelmed.

Engineer Kagen with his whistle, hat, and bandana.

The cutest lil engineer ( gotta love those teeth). I was so happy Lauren and Sheri could have been there! It would only have been better if Weston could have been there. He is still at Childrens Hospital in Cincinatti.

The last stop. Aidan was back on track at this point and enjoyed cleaning up the trains!

Kagen cleaning up the trains. I think this was the little kids favorite activity.

After all the fun games it was time to eat. Sweet Emily and her sweet brother Jacob.

Cousin Terri, Lauren, and Isabella

Aidan enjoying his food.

Sweet Lil Isabella

Fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. Thanks Mimi!

Time to blow out the candles.

After we took a break for food, cake, and ice cream it was time to pull the strings on the pinata.

picking up the candy from the pinata.

Last but not least it was time to open gifts.

It was a great day! I think everyone had a great time! Aidan was EXHAUSTED and took a LONG nap.

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