Friday, August 27, 2010

The Wiggles!

On Wednesday Cara, Aidan, and I made a 4 hour road trip to Cincinnati. It was a multipurpose trip but one thing Aidan and I did was to see the Wiggles! I have been wanting to see them for sooooo long ( and I thought Aidan would enjoy it as well- lol!). No really Aidan received some birthday money from Gigi. I gave him a choice of going to the toy store to buy a new toy or to go see the Wiggles. He chose the Wiggles and I couldn't have been happier. The show was so good! I couldnt believe the energy of those guys! The theme was "Wiggly Circus" and they actually performed some circus tricks. Those guys have to be in such great shape! It was high energy for 2 hours straight. Aidans favorite was "Hot Potato". Thanks Gigi for the birthday gift!

There were a couple of surprises. First Murray ( the red wiggle) was not there. He evidently had some family obligations and was replaced by Rico. I loved him! He did a great job. The second surprise was when Anthony came out ( my personal Fav!). He has the most striking blue eyes and great salt and pepper hair. He came out and was totally bald! I couldn't believe it. He had shaved his head and had NO hair! Sam made a joke during the show and called him "Sinead O'conner" of course all the adults were howling.

It was a very long day and Aidan was a little tired to say the least. We drove 4 hours, spent the afternoon at the hospital ( more on that later), drove to another friends house and then went to the show. He wasn't able to take a nap that day but loved the show. I have some cute video of him dancing and then pooping out ,laying on the seat, and sticking his thumb in his mouth that I will post later. enjoying some cotton candy. He needed a little "pick me up" after a looong day.

Anthony doing one of his "tricks"

Fruit Salad. Yummy Yummy! ( how do you sing that song for 18 years and STILL do it with SO MUCH enthusiasm?)

Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car. ( Notice Anthony's bald head)

Wake up Jeff!

Jeff is more than awake!

The stand in Wiggle- Rico with Dorothy the Dinosaur.


Henry the Octopus

Jeff being the strong man

This picture cracks me up

Toy Soldiers. Jeff, Rico, and Sam actually came into the audience during this part and picked up flowers for Dorothy and Bones for Wags ( the bones were donated to the humane society). I got a close up picture of Sam but it didn't turn out.

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