Saturday, February 18, 2012

Busy Weekend

I was sitting and taking a rest at the Aquarium this evening. I was attempting to figure out why I felt so tired and started to recap the activities since yesterday. We started out yesterday morning at the Childrens Museum and then rushed off to swim lessons. After swim we made a trip to Target and then we went to the park until dinner time. This morning Aidan had tee ball practice and then we made a trip through the farmers market to pick up some fruit and veggies. We came home for about an hour and then went to Legoland followed by the Aquarium. No wonder I am a little fatigued, we haven't stopped running since yesterday! Also, somewhere in there I managed to clean our bathroom and bedroom, run the vacuum upstairs, and do two loads of laundry! Now we just have church tomorrow morning followed by a quick trip to Los Angeles to see Clinton and our weekend will be complete!

Here are some pics from this weekend....

The Childrens Museum. This was a meetup with our Moms and Munchkins group. The current theme at the museum is Garbage and Recycling. So many neat things they did with recycled junk!

This is a game that all the kids loved! You take a crumpled up dixie cup and use a sling shot to shoot it into the whales mouth.
The sling shot....
Cool playground made of junk! A tire wall.....
under the play structure. You could go underneath and see the kids at the top.

The sling shot game was called "Polar Vault"

Next the kids got to do "splash art". This was an adult led activity although I got to wrapped up in it and forgot to take pics of the actual art they made. lol!
First the leader took them down to see an exhibit called "Float". It was basically a white room with trash bags hanging down from the ceiling. The kids did a great job discussing it.
These are recycled trash bags although the artist had "waves" in mind when she created it.

playing downstairs with the blocks.
Inside of the "rain house"

This was so cool! All of the letters were about 2 feet tall and each was made of recycled toys...
Here is a closeup of the letter "A"
Playing outside with bubbles using recycled pipe cleaners...
On to swim lessons..... Mr. Matt had Aidan floating....
and practicing moving forward with his face in the water.... Aidan is making baby steps but is doing so well! This experience is so different then when he was 2.
I didnt take pics at tee ball this morning but here are some pics of Legoland.... Here Aidan is riding the "beetle bounce" for the first time by himself. Mama ate a big lunch and there was NO WAY I was getting on it. You can tell from Aidan's face that he didn't mind and had a ball!
Driving the boats...
The tower he made in the play area.... He and another little boy were having a "mine is bigger than yours" contest. lol!
Driving the cars.... He was quite competitive this time! lol!
This is my favorite pic from the day! As I was taking it I heard someone yell "Hey it's Aidan!" I turned around and it was the mom of a "friend" he had made while riding the boat ride earlier in the day. I swear the boy makes friends and makes an impression wherever he goes! lol! The mom was quite impressed with Aidans reading and social skills and also that he knew what the Taj Mahal and Mount Rushmore were ( two of the Lego structures on the boat tour) lol! Aidan has a set of "world landmark" flash cards that he likes that have both of those things on them. I guess it is not something most 4 year olds know. lol!Touching the starfish...
Passed out on the way home! It has been a long but fun weekend!

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