Wednesday, February 8, 2012


getting xrays...

Yesterday I took Aidan to the dentist. I took him to a pediatric dentist when he was 2 and it was a complete joke. The guy didn't even spend 20 seconds in his mouth and told us everything looked good but he needed to ditch the passie. He didn't even bother counting his teeth. I haven't taken him back since then because I knew I wouldn't be taking him back to the same place. I finally met a dentist back in the fall that I liked. He made me feel at ease and seemed like he would be really good with kids as I watched him interact with Aidan, so last week I finally made an appointment.

I was more worried about how Aidan would do compared to the shape of his teeth. We work hard brushing them. About a year ago he really started letting me get in there and do a decent job.We spend 20 seconds on the top back, bottom back, top back other side, bottom back other side, and the fronts. That is about a minute and 40 seconds I spend brushing them. You are supposed to brush for 2 minutes and we are working towards that amount of time. I was shocked to learn that he had 3 cavities! The dentist said that his teeth looked to be in good shape except for the front top 3. I discussed with her and we finally figured out it was probably from giving him milk when he goes to bed. :0( Aidan still gets milk at bedtime after he brushes his teeth. It is more habit than anything. Drinking milk was always one way of getting calories in the kid whenever he refused to eat so it made me feel like at least he was getting something! I talked to him and let him know that there would be no more milk at bedtime but he could have water. So far he has been great and it hasn't been an issue! He was so good at the dentist getting xrays and while the dental hygienist was cleaning his teeth! I hope he does as well next month when he goes back for his fillings.

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