Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's the code?

Aidan and I play a silly game. It's called "What's the code?" We will wrestle around and I will wrap my hand around his leg or arm or get him in a big bear hug. I will pretend that my hands are stuck and that I can't move. While he is giggling his head off he will ask, "what's the code"- meaning "what is the code to unlock your hands/ body?" I will then give him a math riddle. For example- it is the sum of 2 and 3 or it is the number that comes between 27 and 29 or it is the number that comes before 200. He has to answer the question correctly to unlock my hands. If he gets it wrong, I answer "that is incorrect" ( sometimes in a cool robot voice) and he has to anwer it correctly to unlock my hands. Sometimes he "locks me" and he is the one that gives me the riddle and I have to answer it correctly. I know I am a nerd and leave it to a teacher to turn a wrestling game into a math game, lol!

Aidan really struggles with being able to sit. It is a problem at meal time or anytime he has to sit and complete a task or sit and listen. The boy just can not sit! I have experimented with letting him sit on a therapy ball at meal time and doing some heavy sensory imput before meal time. His OT thinks it is sensory related and she is working with him on it too. It was really apparent to me that it is a problem yesterday when I went to his school and helped out with his Valentines party. There were 23 other kids in the class and he was the only one not sitting and enjoying the goodies. He sat for about 5 minutes and then he was up wondering around. It didn't seem to bother the teachers but is sure bothered me! I talked to his teacher and asked her if it was something that he did often at school and she said he did. She said he does fine when she is working with him in a small group but as soon as she moves to another table he is standing up. I think that is going to be a HUGE problem in kindergarten and it is one of the reasons we are still considering transitional kindergarten. On the other hand I don't know if it is something that "giving him the gift of time" will make a difference. It may be something that takes years to change or maybe he is just going to be a kid that stands all the time.

In an effort to help him with this issue I ordered him a "lap pad" this morning. It is a heavy pad that he puts on his lap when he is sitting. The theory is that it will give him the extra sensory input that he is craving and will make him sit longer. At this point I am willing to give anything a shot to help him. Anyone have any suggestions? I really feel that he is more than ready for kindergarten in so many areas and I am afraid he is going to become a behavioral problem in Kindergarten if I send him to transitional kindergarten next year due to boredom.

Here is the lap pad.
and here is the pattern of the material I chose to cover it. I hope he loves it!

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Anonymous said...

Ask Bec If she has any ideas on helping him sit.