Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zoo Fun

On Monday we had a zoo trip with our mom and munchkins group. I always love these trips as they are interesting and educational. Each month they have a theme and this months theme was about tails. We always have the same two zoo employees Desiree and Leigh and they always are patient with us ( you kind of have no choice but to be patient when your audience is between 1 and 4 ha!) and do an awesome job! Sometimes they take us on a bus but this month we walked. We walked all around the zoo and compared tails on the different animals and learned the function of their tails. We spent a lot of time looking at the big cats and learned some really interesting facts but I won't bore you. Most of the time the kiddos are doing their own thing and it is the moms that are listening intently on what Desiree and Leigh have to say, so I guess in a way the zoo trips are more for the moms than the kids. lol!

Desiree rounding up the group.
Aidan and his girls. lol!
Learning the difference between a peacock and a peahen ( who knew a girl peacock was called a peahen?- I sure didn't)
stopping to learn about the camels ...

Aidan and Karen being silly.
After the tour we all split up. Aidan wanted to ride the skyfari so we did that with Karen and her mom. They had to leave afterwards so Aidan and I had lunch and I let him play at the zoo playground for awhile. Here he is laying down as he said he needed to "relax". Stinker. He is laying down and eating an apple.

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