Friday, February 3, 2012

Vision Board 2012

On New Years day Clinton and I had a Vision Board party. We invited friends over and we all thought about our goals for 2012 and went to work cutting out pictures and words that inspired us from magazines and creating our vision boards. For those of you who don't know what a vision board is, it is really a visual representation of your goals and dreams. Clinton has a huge vision board that he created about 5 years ago that literally takes up a couple of walls. It is one that is more about his goals and dreams for the next 20 years. He sometimes puts it up in the training room when he does trainings. It is very inspiring to see. I had never created one before, so I was really excited to do it. We have put them up on the wall beside our bed so it is the first thing we see in the morning and at night.

Clinton and I were looking at our boards the other night and about half of the things I put on there have already come to fruition! It is only the beginning of February! A lot of mine had to do with getting organized. While I still have a way to go, my pantry is so organzied that even Aidan knows where to put things and he helps me put away groceries! Also, we did a big cleanup of our personal belongings in the garage ( the business stuff still needs to be done) and I am very happy how it all turned out. I still need to work on our closets ( for the life of me I can not keep our bedroom closet straight) and Aidans play room. I organized Aidans books, which was a huge job because he must have three to four hundred books! A lot of them were from my teaching days that he inherited. Also on the board were pictures of snow, a new car, and a whales tail. Check, Check, and Check! I still haven't even started with the health and fitness portion and need to get on the ball with it. I think when your 4 year old asks you, "Mommy when are you going back to the gym?" that it is time! I also have a few big projects on there that I will write more about later ;0)

What can I say? Vision Boards rock!

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