Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Exchange

I hosted a Valentine exchange today for our mom's group at a park close to our house. The kids decorated bags and handed out Valentines- and oh played in the dirt, creek, and ran around making up games with various types of balls. I love this particular park because it has the perfect recipe for kids- dirt, sticks, rocks, and water. There is an open grassy field to play with sporting equipment. I also like it because it changes things up from your typical park around here with sand, a play structure, and a riding path for bikes and trikes. Have I mentioned that I love California because of all the parks (and well maintained at that) they have to offer! LOVE it! I of course also love the park close to my moms house in Tn- it is the best I have ever seen. :0)

It was extemely HOT today but I think everyone had a great time!

getting ready for our friends to get here.
climbing trees....
one of the creative moms brought these cupcakes...
handing out valentines....
see- sticks, water, dirt.

playing some crazy game they made up. :0)

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