Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swim Lessons

This week I decided that it was time to get Aidan back into swim lessons. The last time he had lessons , he was 2 almost 3 years old. It was a really cold June and the water was freezing cold. He did ok in the classes because he has a "pleaser" type nature and wanted to do well for the instructor and me, but has had an aversion to water since that time. It really makes me nervous that he doesn't know how to swim because there are so many pools and not to mention the ocean in Southern California. I want him to learn to love the water and more importantly be able to save himself if he should ever fall in.

Our neighbors recommended a swim school in the area so while Aidan was in school on Thursday I went and signed him up. He had his first lesson yesterday and I was really nervous about how he would react knowing water is not his favorite thing. When he first got introduced to Mr. Matt his swim instructor he reacted how I thought he would, he ran away and hid. I talked to him for a minute and coaxed him back into the pool area. I attempted to get him to sit on the side of the pool but he refused. After a minute he decided that he wanted to sit down by himself. The second he got in the water he was a happy camper. The water is very WARM there and this made him happy! It also helped that he is in class with another little boy who is also 4 years old. The instructor/ student ratio is 1 to 3. Micah's sister was also in the group but she is an independent swimmer and spent a lot of time swimming lengths of the pool. I watched from the observation area and saw lots of smiles coming from him which made me happy. Mr. Matt said he did great. He was a little nervous so he really didn't push him to much but it was a great first day! At the end I asked Aidan if he had fun and he said, "yes, I want to swim every day!" yay!

Spending some time in the play area before class. The entire place is geared towards kids which I love!
checking out the toys...

Getting ready to get in the pool. This was taken before his class actually started.
Hey mom! I like it!
Aidan and Mr. Matt...
Aidan, Mr. Matt, and Micah. I'm not sure why Mr. Matt looks like a sour puss, he certainly didn't come off that way. lol!


Anonymous said...

Yea for warm pools and cool swim instructors.

Anonymous said...

Cara likes Mr. Matt.