Sunday, February 12, 2012

T ball

Yesterday Aidan had his first day of T ball. It was a cold and damp morning but that didn't stop any of our enthusiasm. When we arrived there most of the other kids were already there "warming up" and practicing hitting balls of the tees. I was really surprised at how well some of the kids were doing hitting the ball! They had great form and accuracy. Clinton and I saw this and just kind of looked at each other and told Aidan to go give it a shot. He walked up to the t and wasn't sure what to do (duh! we should have practiced with him earlier). Clinton ran over and helped him out the best that he could ( but remember he grew up in a country where cricket is preferred over baseball). We both (ok maybe just me) thought- oh boy this is going to be a long 8 weeks!

Soon enough the coach called the kids over to the "dugout". They introduced themselves and did some warm up exercises. The coach then told them to go to home plate- Aidan was the leader of the pack and had no idea where he was talking about (doh!) but he figured it out soon enough. :0) The coach then had them walk around all the bases and repeat the name of the bases as they walked around. They then took turns individually running around the bases. Just for the record Aidan did a GREAT job doing this and one of the other kids started with 3rd base. Ha! They then ran to first base, practiced running backwards to second, and "side running" or whatever it is called to third, and then running home. They practiced making "alligator hands" and catching ground balls and practiced throwing. The coach showed Aidan the proper technique to throw the ball by having him put his foot forward, pointing with his left hand where he wanted to throw the ball, and then throwing. It took some practice but he finally got it! His throws weren't that bad!

Next up was batting. Once again the coach showed Aidan the proper technique by showing him how to do "railroad tracks" with his feet, batter up, keep your eye on the ball, and swing. By George my boy got it and made contact with the ball! Yippee!! They practiced this for awhile and he had some decent hits!

They finished by practicing doing a "homerun". They hit the ball and then ran around all the bases- again one of the kids started with third base.

So I was uneasy at the beginning as to how he was going to do. All I had to do was trust my kid and trust the coach and he ended up doing great! I am excited for the next 7 weeks!
sitting in the "dugout"
warming up....

running backwards. I particularly LOVE this exercise as it is good for his toe walking.

Dad attempting to assist him when we first arrived.
practicing "alligator hands" and throwing.
look at that form!

making his "home run"
"Hands in" at the end.

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