Friday, June 6, 2008

Aidan on the move

O.K. I am really did not want to buy Aidan a walker because I think they are dangerous. However, I just couldn't resist because we have the perfect space for him to use it. He can make one big loop through the hallway, living room, dining room, and kitchen. This video was made a couple of days ago when he first learned how to walk in it so he was still bumping into walls. I don't think he will be using it for very long though. Yesterday he walked from one side of his play pen to the other. It was more like a step, step, fall but he is getting the idea. I think I will take him to Stride Rite this weekend to get him fitted for a proper pair of walking shoes.

Aidan almost made it one week sleeping through the night - until last night when he got up at 2AM for a bottle. Oh Well, I am just goin' with the flow.

I am having a problem with Aidan at bath time. He used to love his baths. Now I am transitioning him from his baby tub to the big bath tub. I have put his baby tub in the big bath tub. He doesn't mind the tub so much as the rinsing. He is absolutely terrified of the spray hose and being leaned back to rinse his hair. The only way that he will stay half way calm is if I put him in a "football hold" and rinse his hair ( the way I have done it since he was a newborn). He even fights me when I do this and he is getting a little to big to put in a football hold. Any suggestions out there? I attempted to put him in one of those cute blow up duck tubs. I let him play with it in his room for a few days to get used to it. He absolutely hated it. I also bought one of those foamy hats to put one when I rinse his hair - no dice. I really hate seeing him so upset- but the boy plays hard during the day and needs a bath every night.

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Farrah and Jed said...

Bath time was a struggle in my house for over a year...She is just now liking the bath again!!!

I had to just let her cry and then get her out.