Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet Tracy

Meet Tracy. She is the newest member of our Frontier Family. She has been a lifetime member and friend for a couple of years now. She has come on board as Clintons personal assistant and also has her own professional organizing business (a score for us and our office!). Aidan is CRAZY about her and she is also our local celebrity! She is the star of an upcoming Reality show that is airing on TLC called Must Love Kids . She says it is sort of like The Bachelorette meets Jon and Kate plus 8. Basically it is about her and her daughter Paris ( a real firecracker like her mama with fire red hair to match). She is a single mom and they set her up with various men. The point is to see if she can find love. There will be 10 episodes. She finished filming in May and I am dieing to know if she did find love, but of course she is FORBIDDEN to say ANYTHING. She is not even allowed to talk with any of the guys from the show until the show finishes in August. The commercials began airing for it yesterday so I thought I would blog about it. It airs July 15th at 9:00. Also, keep your eyes peeled and you might see Clinton. They did some filming at one of our events. Tracy was on stage and Clinton was coaching her about the "Hedgehog Principal" and her stage prescence.

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