Saturday, June 14, 2008

visit with Suzanne and Jacob

Suzanne and Jacob came to visit us from Orange County. We went to the zoo and had a great time! The boys were so cute together. What beautiful blue eyes!

Suzanne brought this cookie for us. It ways so yummy that it lasted only one night.

O.K. Jacob lets go to the zoo. Oh wait, you need your carseat first.

Silly Monkey wearing mommies sunglasses.

Hey, this is pretty fun!

Orangutan exhibit

Up close and personal with the orangutan!

Tired baby. I don't know what possessed me to decide to go to a restaurant after the zoo. Aidan didn't have an afternoon nap and acted horrible at the restaurant. Seriously he has never acted so bad when I have taken him out. He kept throwing things in the floor and grabbing everything in his reach. He even grabbed his container of peaches I was feeding him and dumped them out all over the table. What a mess! We ended up getting our food to go and I left our waitress a nice fat tip. When we got home I gave Aidan a really quick bath and a bottle. Poor thing was asleep in 5 minutes.

I think Jacobs favorite part of the zoo was the parking lot. Suzanne let him walk. He kept putting his hands straight by his side and squealing as loud as he could. To funny!

Feeling much better after a good nights sleep.

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