Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On no where are the passies?

We have run into a little emergency in our household ( at least in Aidan's world). Since Aidan was a newborn he would only take a particular pacifier that I purchased at Nordstroms. When he was a couple of months old I went and pruchased tons of them. Over the months they have been lost and misplaced. When we moved we had 5 left. In the past week he has destroyed 3 of them by biting the tops off. One has been lost and the other is somewhere around the house and I cannot find it. Last night he bit the top off of the last one. Needless to say he had a hard time getting to sleep because he LOVES his passies. I gave him a cold teething toy and a different type of passie and he just threw them out of his bed. Finally I gave him a cold wet wash cloth to suck on. This pacified him long enough for him to go to sleep. Poor baby. Nordstroms no longer carries the passie that he dearly loves. I just ordered some online from the same company that made the originals but I don't think they are the same thing. If anyone is at Nordstroms in the baby department and sees the blue passies with the cherry latex nipples ( the nipple is actually latex and not the clear silicone ones) please email me. I am guessing that some Nordstroms somewhere has a couple left. I may have to wean Aidan off of pacifers ( more like going cold turkey) which will make for a couple of miserable days for Aidan and mommy.

Now here are some pictures from Gymboree last Friday.

The bubbles are one of Aidans favorite parts of Gymboree.

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