Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aidan places chase

Aidan started playing chase yesterday with Tracy. It was hilarious! He was laughing so hard that he could hardly catch his breathe. I joked that he can't even walk yet and he is already chasing the girls. He loooves his walker and I am so glad that I purchased it. He zooms around the entire downstairs of the house and he is FAST! I am just afraid that he will never learn to walk becuase walking will be a much slower modality of transportation then his walker. I attempted to recreate the chase game today but apparently I am not as fun to chase as Tracy. He enjoyed it but it was much funnier yesterday.

Today I took some pictures of Aidan to put on his birthday invitations. Man was that a chore! I still wasn't totally safisfied with the picture I ended up choosing but it was ok. Aidan is sooo busy these days it is difficult to get him to "pose". The important thing was that he was having fun even if mommy was a stress mess and daddy was a stress mess because mommy was a stress mess. I will post some of the blooper pictures and the pictures I did not use later.

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