Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Pictures

Sunday Aidan and I went to visit Clinton at the LA Convention Center where he was having Play to Win. It was kind of a bizarre day. To our pleasure Erotica LA was also occurring there- NOT! There were girls with a size minus 2 butt, fake tan, fake boobs, fake blond hair and fake eyelashes walking around. I kept wondering what group they were with and then I saw one of their nametags -it said " I Porn". Of course they were porn stars- just who I want my child to be around. Not only were there porn stars everywhere and creepy looking guys but there was also a hair competition. There were lots of women with hair 3 feet tall hair with every color of the rainbow, things sticking out of their head spinning, and one lady that had 2 huge horns sticking out of her head that wrapped around her entire body. Standing in line at Starbucks was a very interesting sight! There was one girl who decided to come to Starbucks in her g-string, bustier, fishnet tights, and 5 inch heals- geesh give me a break lady there are also CHILDREN here in case you haven't noticed! Why don't you cover yourself up!

Suzanne and Jacob are coming to spend the night tonight. We are very excited! We are going to hit the zoo tomorrow.

Here are some pics from the past week. Cleaned up and looking handsome to go to Benihana with mama and dada for their anniversary.

Look. Me and mini me!

Not so cleaned up. Aidan with squash all over his face and crazy wild man hair. I think I am going to have to give him his first haircut soon because unfortunately I can not put an ultra cute bow in his hair to keep it out of his eyes.

Someone has discovered playing in the kitchen cabinets. To much fun!

This is what I found when I went to put Aidan back to bed the other night at 2AM. He had totally chewed the top of his passie off. I had a mini freakout thinking he had swallowed it and it would get lodged in his intestines or something. Luckily I found the bitten off piece the next morning. I caught him attempting to do the same thing to another passie yesterday when we were in the car. Luckily I got it from him in time and he had only gotten a tiny piece off. Someone is going to have their passie privileges REVOKED if they keep it up!

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